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  • i-Covers 2009.a

    i-Covers is a free search engine for movie covers on the Internet. The perfect freeware to seek, find and download all movie covers &
  • Shorty Covers 1

    Vinnie is not alone. His sexy girlfriend Shorty will protect his rear as she snipes his enemies! Quickly inspect the situations and sift anybody
  • 3D Covers Extreme 1.5

    Professional e-covers make your site and your product look trustworthy. They give the perception that your product and company are of expert-quality.
  • Covers Scoreboard 3.0

    The Covers Scoreboard keeps you in the game unlike any other Widget. Select your preferred game and have live scores and odds delivered directly to
  • How To Create Ebook Covers 1.0.5

    Learn how to create professional ebook covers for your products, ebooks or software with freely available software in just minutes. No photoshop
  • Facebook Timeline Covers App 1.0

    I made a little app to easily find a premium quality and free Facebook Timeline Cover
  • Custom Mailer 3.21

    The Database, Mailing and Data Withdrawal Manager will become a perfect assistant to your business. It is possible to insert in a body of letter and
  • 3D Custom Screensaver 5.03

    Create, Customize and Share your own unique 3D screensavers, and create 3D Slide shows, 3D Photo albums, 3D Presentations and many more. Features: 24
  • OTK Custom dbInstaller 2.0

    Custom dbInstaller is a powerful and user-friendly application database deployment and support tool developed by OTK Web Solutions. It is a
  • Custom Addressbook 2.1

    Easy to use, small, and extremely flexible Address Management program for Windows. This program is unique, among the many apparently similar
  • Custom StartUp 3.00

    Custom Startup helps you in managing all those programs which will be started with Windows, without manually editing registry or WIN.INI file. It
  • Custom Folder 1.4

    Compact utility Custom Folder helps to create directories with formatting their names with date and time as a mask. Utility can be very useful as
  • Custom Calendar 1.1

    Now you can customize the options of Custom Calendar gadget according to your desires. Actually this gadget is developed after original Vista
  • Google Custom 1.0

    Google Custom 1.0 is considered as a distinguished and tractable tool for both Firefox and Internet Explorer that adds a new and nice Custom Google
  • Custom and Myth

    Custom and Myth, Andrew Lang, short
  • TS3 Custom Launcher 2.0

    TS3 Custom Launcher is a handy utility that passes custom commands to Sims3. The launcher has the ability to pass custom commands to Sims 3
  • Custom Launcher 1.0

    build you own Internet-savvy launcher for Mac
  • Custom Menus 1.1

    Custom Menus 1.1 is a control panel that lets you: -Tear-Off menus and MOVE them anywhere for faster access to often-used items. -Build your own
  • Custom PDF Export -

    Export your Indesign document to PDF, JPG, EPS, SVG, XFL ou SWF by PaGE series on a specific page range or all the
  • Custom Filter 1.0

    This filter applies a custom convolution filter to your image. And it allows numerous adjustments to your convolution. The possibilities are
  • Custom Reader 1.53

    Custom Reader is a free fully customizable RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Windows application. It is fully brandable for any Web site. You control
  • Custom X Toolbar 1.0

    Gives up to date info on products, weather and includes some useful gadgets. The Best of Our Site Get our freshest content delivered directly to
  • Qute 3++ (custom mod)

    Simple and unobtrusive theme with clear, colorful icons. Recreated from the original Qute 3 theme to work on Firefox 3.0 and 3.1
  • Custom Icon 2.6

    This plugin is to put MacOS system icons on your
  • Custom Countdown 1.2

    A new countdown Widget (First of its kind, I believe). It distinguishes how many years, months and days until an event (Most just do days). It has
  • Wildform CUSTOM FX 1.0

    Easily installs into your WildPresenter and Wild FX programs. Includes customizable versions of the 400 animated text effects that come with
  • Custom Framer - Art

    Picture framing software for artists, graphic artists and hobby photographers. The ???Home??? version is for users who need graphics and basic size
  • Stylish-Custom 0.7.6

    this is an unofficial extension to Stylish (i'll help if i can, but my js is lacking) you must have Stylish installed to use it.. most features:
  • JFreeChart Custom Tag 1.01

    The JFreeChart Custom Tag is a collection of custom tags written to expose the JFree Chart API for Coldfusion Developers in an easy to use and
  • My Custom Computer 1.8

    Version 1.8 of My Custom Computer is Now released, My Custom Computer is the easy, safe and fast way to manage the icons that will appear in "My
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  • Simple Cover Printer 1

    Simple Cover Printer 1 is released as a simple yet effective application for printing your covers. Can print multiple covers with just a click. Print covers for your DVD, and CD covers. It prints cutlines so you can easy
  • Covermanager 1.3.0

    Covermanager 1.3.0 offers you a powerful tool that makes it easy to load movie, game, program or cd covers from the internet , or to use pictures stored on your harddrive. These covers can be printed in various formats
  • i-Covers 2009.a

    i-covers is a free search engine for movie covers on the Internet. The perfect freeware to seek, find and download all movie covers &
  • Cover Retriever

    Grab covers for your MP3s with this tool. Grab covers for your MP3s with this tool. Cover Retriever is a small, simple, easy to use application specially designed to help you find covers for compositions in "MP3"
  • Easy Media Cover 2.0.0

    Wirth handy software application Easy Media cover, you can easily make and print covers of Standard DVD/DVD Game console/Compact disc AUDIO, VIDEO and VHS. It has user friendly interface that has fast speed of working
  • Portable UnderCoverXP 1.23

    Create and print CD/DVD covers Create and print CD/DVD covers with this application. Portable UnderCoverXP is the portable version of UnderCoverXP developed to be able to run from a USB flash drive or any other
  • RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker 3.02.06

    Create and print great-looking CD and DVD covers, box inserts and labels on plain paper, popular label stocks and CD printers. The program comes with everything you need to quickly design your own DVD covers, and takes
  • e-mix Cover Downloader 2.0

    e-mix Cover Downloader is a free software to download CD covers from the internet. The application is able to automatically download the album covers of complete music archives and to store them as files. The covers
  • eCover 1.0

    eCover is a FREE media case-covers search/editing/printing software. Main features. Through the easy and user friendly interface of eCover you can:- Search several web sites for covers (all types: DVD, Audio, PS2,
  • Nero CoverDesigner 12.0.11000

    Now you can design covers and labels of CDs and DVDs according to your desires by using handy software application Nero CoverDesigner. Its major features are it has ser friendly interface that is very easy to use for
  • AlbumPlayer 5.3e

    you can play the organized albums with Album Player by just browsing through your covers. Its major features are it creates MP3 CD with HTML index and Print album collection covers; you can add the albums simply by disk
  • coverXP Free 1.65

    The handy software application coverXP makes the printing of covers of CDs and DVDs very easy. Its key features are as follow: it has user friendly interface that is very easy to use for everyone; it supports drag and
  • ImageToMp3 Pro 1.13

    ImageToMp3 Pro copies your CD covers or other images into your MP3 files. It is easy to use and very small. The integrated online-search can help you finding missing covers in the
  • M-DVD.Org V2 - Audio-Manager 2.5

    M-DVD.Org V2 - Audio-Manager provides you with a uniform interface to manage your music and corresponding covers. With just a few clicks the software collects CDs and DVDs. All multimedia data saved on hard disks,
  • Cover Gold Pro 1.7.1

    Printing covers for CD jewel cases and DVD boxes couldn't me made any more easier. Cover Gold pro will automatically resize the images for you. All you have to do is, select the covers and press the print button. The
  • UnderCoverXP 1.23

    UndercoverXP is a small program to easily print CD and DVD covers. It supports JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP formats and can automatically scale front covers, back covers, front + inside, inlays, DVD Boxes, Digital Pictures and
  • CDCoverPrint 2.42

    You can use inclusive software application CDCoverPrint for uickly ad easily printing covers of CDs. It supports internet searching of covers and typing title/name of cover. It has fast speed of working and gives you
  • 3D Box Maker 5.1225 3D Box Maker is useful Image Editing software. 3D Box Maker is a tool for the virtual package. It creates software box-shot, light boxes, ebook covers, CD covers, books, electronic magazines
  • TimeCoverGrabber 1.0

    Download covers to your PC with this free tool. -Download covers magazine covers -grab magazine
  • DVD and CD Cover Print 3.4.2

    DVD and CD Cover Print allows you to print your CD and DVD cover art easily and accurately. This software tool allows the user to load CD or DVD cover art and print it to standard size specifications or user defined
  • Star Wars - Escape Yavin 4 1.0.1

    This is a new single player mission for Jedi Academy. It utilizes models, skins, and saber models. Main Features:- New and different opponents / challenges in each level of the game- custom SP maps (13 in all including 2
  • CoverSetup 2000 6.20

    Use coversetup to select and print your covers and Labels in the correct dimensions. coversetup automatically finds the BackCover and Label, once you've selected a FrontCover! All the covers you wish to print are
  • CdCoverCreator 2.5.2

    CdCoverCreator is a powerful tool to create your own CD covers for both Audio and Data CDs.Use CdCoverCreator to create your covers, inlays, labels, and even booklets.Main features:- Design time for your inlay is held as
  • DVD-Cover Printmaster 1.2

    DVD-Cover Printmaster enables you to print DVD covers quickly. Simply select the images for your cover template and the program will automatically resize the images for you. Makes it easy to create great looking covers
  • Cover Maestro 4.3

    Cover Maestro is a stand-alone application written to handle a variety of Case Cover tasks. Cover Maestro can load a variety of common filetypes including Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, TIF, and more. Cover Maestro has
  • Memory for The Beatles 1.0

    Improve your memory skills with The Beatles! There are 20 pairs of hidden, selected randomly Beatles' album covers on the board. Your target: to find out the identical album covers using the less possible shots and
  • CD-R Jewel Case Cover Creator 1.0

    This software has a lot of useful features. Its major features are it offers you different formats that you can use for indexing your CDs; you can use it for creating custom CD covers for music, software, etc; it works
  • UnCoverIt 2.3.1

    UnCoverIt creates covers for your disks, files, and Folders, for your iTunes playlists and your iPhoto photo albums. Features Data covers UnCoverIt generates hierarchical overviews of your files, including icons,
  • Visual Cover ++ 2.0.0

    The Big Brother of CoverPro. Take CD and DVD cover printing to a new level! Visually resize and position your CD and DVD cover images right on the screen.Announcing a revolution in flexibilty in CD/DVD cover printing!
  • CoverWhiz 4.1.0

    CoverWhiz is a stand-alone application written to handle a variety of Case Cover tasks. CoverWhiz can load a variety of common filetypes including Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, TIF, and more. CoverWhiz is best know for the