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  • book2 español - inglés 1.3

    Learn English quickly and easily with 100 downloadable audio (mp3) files! The audio trainer book2 is free and contains 100 lessons that provide
  • VirusKeeper 2006 Pro (Versión español) 6.5.0

    VirusKeeper 2005 Professional Edition protects your computer against viruses and spyware with the best protection technologies: real-time
  • VirusKeeper 2006 (Versión español) 6.5.0

    VirusKeeper 2005 protects the computer against viruses and spyware. VirusKeeper uses a powerful real-time threat detection engine. It monitors all
  • Texts 0.5

    Texts is a new kind of editor for creation of text structure and content. Books, articles and blog posts written once in Texts can be processed and
  • Quick Texts 1.1

    The handy software utility Quick Texts makes operations of copying and pasting text very fast. You can access it quickly and easily as it sits in
  • Reverse texts 1.0.2

    Use this simple extension to reverse Texts directly from Opera. Sometimes we find reversed texts over the internet. It doesn't matter if it's
  • Free Bible Study - Add Any Texts 14.8

    Put all of your Bible study material into one convenient location. Search quickly on those resources related to a topic you are studying. Import
  • Templates for Secretary Helpdesk texts 1.00

    Employ MS-Outlook as super Helpdesk for customer queries at Office assistants + registries. This Plugin supports you when you with the creation +
  • Free Bible Study Add Your Texts 1.4

    Study 100s of Bibles. Add your own texts! Learn how to be better. Now has iPhone and
  • Templates for Webshop Helpdesk texts 1.00

    Use Outlook as powerful Helpdesk for customer enquiry directed at Webshops. The Plugin for the ReplyButler helps you at the using / creation of the
  • Custom Mailer 3.21

    The Database, Mailing and Data Withdrawal Manager will become a perfect assistant to your business. It is possible to insert in a body of letter and
  • 3D Custom Screensaver 5.03

    Create, Customize and Share your own unique 3D screensavers, and create 3D Slide shows, 3D Photo albums, 3D Presentations and many more. Features: 24
  • OTK Custom dbInstaller 2.0

    Custom dbInstaller is a powerful and user-friendly application database deployment and support tool developed by OTK Web Solutions. It is a
  • Custom Addressbook 2.1

    Easy to use, small, and extremely flexible Address Management program for Windows. This program is unique, among the many apparently similar
  • Custom StartUp 3.00

    Custom Startup helps you in managing all those programs which will be started with Windows, without manually editing registry or WIN.INI file. It
  • Custom Folder 1.4

    Compact utility Custom Folder helps to create directories with formatting their names with date and time as a mask. Utility can be very useful as
  • Custom Calendar 1.1

    Now you can customize the options of Custom Calendar gadget according to your desires. Actually this gadget is developed after original Vista
  • Google Custom 1.0

    Google Custom 1.0 is considered as a distinguished and tractable tool for both Firefox and Internet Explorer that adds a new and nice Custom Google
  • Custom and Myth

    Custom and Myth, Andrew Lang, short
  • TS3 Custom Launcher 2.0

    TS3 Custom Launcher is a handy utility that passes custom commands to Sims3. The launcher has the ability to pass custom commands to Sims 3
  • Custom Launcher 1.0

    build you own Internet-savvy launcher for Mac
  • Custom Menus 1.1

    Custom Menus 1.1 is a control panel that lets you: -Tear-Off menus and MOVE them anywhere for faster access to often-used items. -Build your own
  • Custom PDF Export -

    Export your Indesign document to PDF, JPG, EPS, SVG, XFL ou SWF by PaGE series on a specific page range or all the
  • Custom Filter 1.0

    This filter applies a custom convolution filter to your image. And it allows numerous adjustments to your convolution. The possibilities are
  • Custom Reader 1.53

    Custom Reader is a free fully customizable RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Windows application. It is fully brandable for any Web site. You control
  • Custom X Toolbar 1.0

    Gives up to date info on products, weather and includes some useful gadgets. The Best of Our Site Get our freshest content delivered directly to
  • Qute 3++ (custom mod)

    Simple and unobtrusive theme with clear, colorful icons. Recreated from the original Qute 3 theme to work on Firefox 3.0 and 3.1
  • Custom Icon 2.6

    This plugin is to put MacOS system icons on your
  • Custom Countdown 1.2

    A new countdown Widget (First of its kind, I believe). It distinguishes how many years, months and days until an event (Most just do days). It has
  • Wildform CUSTOM FX 1.0

    Easily installs into your WildPresenter and Wild FX programs. Includes customizable versions of the 400 animated text effects that come with
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  • Diccionario RAE 1.0

    Diccionario de la Lengua espa??ola. Introduzca una palabra a buscar y el 'widget' conectar?? directamente con la p??gina de b??squeda de la Real Academia espa??ola de la Lengua, mostrando el resultado en una
  • Radios ES 1.2

    Escucha distintas emisoras de radio de espa??a. Listen to several radios from Spain. (RNE1, RNE Clasica, RNE3, RNE4, RNE5, Radio Exterior de espa??a, Cadena Ser, Cadena Cope, Onda Cero, Punto radio, Radio
  • IBEX 35 1.0

    This displays Spanish IBEX 35 stock market graphs. Muestra gr??ficos del ??ndice de bolsa espa??ol IBEX
  • iconCompo 3.7.2

    Create custom icons by combining images and texts as you like. You can create & adjust custom icon images and save settings as you configure (size, location, background, variant, etc.) in the main program. Then your
  • Neo Replace 1.1

    Neo Replace isa tool that allows web developers to replace texts in a file. Users can also replace texts in multiple files or a specified folder with just a few clicks. To use the program, the user just type in texts to
  • Keyboard Explorer 1.1.8

    Keyboard Explorer will train any novice user to use all the common keys on the computer keyboard. It is ideal for computer training centres and workshops. In about 60 minutes time, a novice computer user can become
  • Fresh Kitchen

    Cook your own custom rom based on Fresh Rom`s Android 1.5 base.Features:- Auto-root your Sprint HTC Hero- Update RA- Modify Fresh Rom 1.x to suit your needs- Backup and restore texts, custom dictionary, or scenes-
  • Cogitum Co-Citer 1.0

    A tool for creating collections of texts Cogitum Co-Citer is a tool for creating and managing collections of texts from the Internet. It captures the selected text, Internet address where it has been found, its title,
  • Quanticus Admincontrol Lite 1

    Quanticus Admincontrol Lite para 1 usuario. Solamente 1 usuario puede accesar al sistema a la misma vez. Se envia la clave para liberar el software del Modo demo, via E-Mail. Como entrega Quanticus el software? Una vez
  • Texts 0.5

    texts is a new kind of editor for creation of text structure and content. Books, articles and blog posts written once in texts can be processed and published in many
  • Text Trainer 0.0.4

    TextTrainer is a program which helps you memorise poems or plain texts in your native or in some foreign language. You learn by repeatedly reading aloud texts while more and more words are hidden (i.e. replaced by "_").
  • Human Easy Spinner 1.0.9r3

    You are looking to create several versions of the same text. You want intuitive software which creates non-duplicated texts. The existing applications do not suit you because they have several potential
  • Cadena Ser 1.1.20060327

    Escucha la "Cadena Ser" de espa??a usando este Widget. Listen to "Cadena Ser" in Spain using this Widget. (Based on ZeCompadre's "Radio Comercial",
  • Reverse texts 1.0.2

    Use this simple extension to reverse texts directly from Opera. Sometimes we find reversed texts over the internet. It doesn't matter if it's someone's joke or a protected Link, we always have to reverse them
  • Anonymous

    Read all your texts and record them as .wav files. Read all your texts and record them as .wav files. Anonymous is a simple tool that was specially created in order to turn your text into .wav files with the help of
  • CARLA Studio

    CARLAStudio is a program that you use both to model languages and then to put the model to work parsing texts and adapting texts to another language. Features: CARLAStudio employs several other programs to actually do
  • IChing 1.0

    An I-Ching texts and coins drawer: Full traditional description of all trigrams and hexagrams. Uses, and draws on screen the traditional 18 coins draw. Calculates all transformed hexagrams and displayes the
  • A-Number Sherlock Holmes 2.0

    The program is used for identifying if two different texts (e.g. forum comments, e-mail messages, office memos, etc.) are written by the same person, after comparing them. The result is presented as the probability
  • Lyrioke Maker

    By Maker Lyrioke we give you a tool in the hands with which you own texts. Their own texts (syllable as / line by line) into an MP3 file, also can include chords. Obviously, it is also possible, texts, from our MP3
  • Easy Audio CD Maker 1.7

    1. burn the wma, mp3, ogg into audio CD on the fly. (burning proof supported) 2. play your favorite music (MP3, Windows Media Audio or Vorbis OGG ) files. 3. batch convert wma, mp3, ogg to wav files 4. design and print
  • EXE Bundle - The file joiner 3.11

    You can easily combine your source and executables files by using one option of EXEBundle screen. It can be used for embedded drivers, installers, video files, close texts, nagscreens, and welcome texts,
  • ClipBooker 2.1

    ClipBooker is a powerful tool to capture texts copied from all other applications. The cut / copy / paste capability of Windows works well for transferring texts but Windows can only remember once and will overwrites the
  • Pos Text Effects 1.25

    Intuitive tool for creating text effects Pos Text Effects is a free, user friendly and very intuitive tool for creating text effects from the authors of Photo Pos Pro, the best free professional photo editor. The
  • Time Clock Biz 4.0

    Time Clock Biz is a software application that will track your clients and your employees by time. TimeClockBiz 4.0 ??? A Time Clock for Employees and Clients ??? In English - espa??ol - Fran??ais ??? Print Reports
  • Kalim 1.0

    Kalim is a search tool like Ocean, with more help finding and using the Bah??????? Writings. It also gathers information about the texts from users, constantly expanding ways to explore the texts and enriching knowledge
  • Cardic MemRoyal 6.0

    Cardic MemRoyal is a free soft of memo cards where you can change pictures. Cardic MemRoyal can be used just for fun or as a memory exercise. Cardic MemRoyal has a user-friendly interface and you can you can customize it
  • Ancient Egypt Screen Saver 1.0

    Amongst Ancient Egypt's uncovered texts are words of advice that still resonate today. This screen saver quotes some of these wisdom texts with images of Egypt's amazing monuments. The Sphinx, King Tut, and the gods all
  • Google Dictionary 2.0.1

    With this extension, you can: 1) Double-click any word to view its definition in a small pop-up bubble. 2) View the complete definition of any word or phrase using the address bar dictionary. Both features are
  • PDF Watermarks 1.0

    Simply add a watermark (texts and pictures) to all of your PDF files with one mouse click! This will mark you files as your copyrighted property. You can add the watermark behind all objects (behind existing texts) or
  • Stop Reading 0.7

    Stop Reading! - instead listen to your texts. This user friendly application lets you give it any English text you need to read, and it simply reads it to you. This application uses speech synthesis technology to turn